Florida Select Orange '22 Team


Florida Select Orange '22 Team
Coach David Crone

Coach John McClain

Coach John wears many hats as director of Florida Select and Madskillz Lacrosse clubs.  He coaches the 2021 team and tries to help with every team.  He is extremely committed to helping girls fulfill their dream of playing at the next level and the Orange '22 team was formed to give an opportunity to a great group of players the chance to play together and get exposure and excellent coaching to help reach their goal of playing in college.

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Coach Anna Palmisano

Coach Anna has been playing lacrosse for 10 years.  She loves the sport and has played every position including goalie.  One of Anna's favorite lacrosse memories was winning a State title at American Heritage with her best friends.

Anna is going to continue her lacrosse career at the University of Denver. She's a grinder, a tough player and a great midfielder for the younger girls to learn from.  

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Coach Sara Palmisano

Coach Sara is a lax rat. After starting lacrosse in 4th grade, she loved lacrosse so much that she would spend hours in the backyard practicing, doing wall ball, scooping groung balls, shooting, doing footwork drills...although learning  new skills was sometimes frustrating at the start, Sara would work on the skill until she mastered it.  Sara was the lead her team in scoring and in points her freshman year at Winter Park high school.  She loved playing at American Heritage and having such amazing coaches, teammates and winning a State and National Championship.  Sara is a player young girls will look to emulate.  She is going to Denver to play lacrosse and win an NCAA Championship.