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Florida Select Navy Team

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Florida Select Navy Team  Coach Mike Skonieczki

Coach Mike Skonieczki brings years of experience as the head coach of the Florida Select Navy Team and also is the assistant to the Florida Select 2024 team.  Coach Mike grew up in Vestal, N.Y. where he played soccer and lacrosse at Vestal High School. While playing collegiate soccer, Coach Mike won one National Championship and was selected as an All-American. Coach Mike moved to Florida in 2005 and has been coaching girls lacrosse ever since. He began his coaching career at St. Andrew’s, then moved on to St. Thomas Aquinas and is as the new head coach at Palm Beach Central High School just led his team to the school's first District Championship. In addition to high school lacrosse, Coach Mike is a three time coach of the South Florida National Team which is an all star team of talented girls--the lions share of them playing in college.

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