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Coach 'Bee'
Bianca Diaz


Coach Bianca played at UCF and graduated from Cypress Bay High School. Coach Bee was the Head Coach for Western High School where she was Coach of the Year for 2013 and also Person of the Year for 2014. She is also a defender for the Puerto Rico National Women's Team. Coach Bianca has a passion for coaching. Her motto is "head, hustle, heart."

Coach Mike Riggio


Coach Mike comes from a soccer background.  In fact, he played soccer from kindergarten well into his 30s as a member of the NYPD Soccer team. He was a midfielder. Coach Mike was a multi-sport athlete and also played basketball and ran track in high school.

His move to coaching girls’ lacrosse came in 2014 when living in Mount Sinai (Long Island) New York.  Coach Mike learned about coaching girls' lacrosse under the tutelage of the Mount Sinai High School program which at the time had won three state championships in five years. When Coach Mike and his family moved to South Florida in August of 2018, he picked up where he's left off and became the assistant coach for the Florida Select 2023 team.

Florida Select salutes Coach Mike who spent twenty-three years with the New York City Police Department before he retired.  The the last seven years at the NYPD, Coach Mike spent in the Counterterrorism Division, where he was the second in command. Coach Mike was asked by the Broward Sheriff‘s Office to move to Florida and help start up their Threat Management Division.

We are so grateful that Coach Mike is here keeping us safe and coaching girls' lacrosse.  He loves to coach because he wants to help these young girls become great women and have successful lives. Coach Mike believes that playing lacrosse, and sports in general, gives kids the tools they need to overcome obstacles later in life and be successful. The Florida Select 2023 team will have much success with Coach Mike's guidance and encouragement.

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